Early 20th Century Antique George V Large Sterling Silver Bowl Sheffield 1917 Henry Atkin

£ 8,750.00

A large and extremely beautiful oval flower bowl.



A large and extremely beautiful oval flower bowl decorated with elegant floral embossing to the centre of the body.  The bowl sits on four ornate feet and has two splendid gargoyle mounted handles.


Weight:  69.3 troy ounces/2158 grams

Height:  9.25 inches/23.5cm (foot to top of handle)

Length:  19 inches/48cm

Width:  11.5 inches/29cm

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £8750


Atkin Brothers business traces his origin to Thomas Law, a silversmith active in Sheffield from c. 1750 to 1775. He was one of the only two firms combining the trades of cutlers and general silversmiths.  The business was continued by his sons John and William, and later by Joseph Law (probably the son of John, as in an 1830 directory he is quoted as “Joseph Law, late John Law & Son”).  In 1824 was entered the mark of Jos. Law, Jn Oxley & Henry Atkin (oddly the mark was “LL”, possibly for Law & Law) and in 1829 Henry Atkin and John Oxley, trading as Atkin, Oxley & Co, succeeded to the original firm. They dissolved their partnership c. 1840.  Henry Atkin continued the trade as Henry Atkin & Co at 32 Howard Street, Sheffield.  He died in 1853, and his sons Harry Wright Atkin, Edward Thomas Atkin and Frank Shaw Atkin continued the trade under the style Atkin Brothers in their Truro Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield.  The firm opened offices in London, managed by Harry Wright Atkin, and in 1925 became a limited liability company as Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd.  Atkin Brothers manufactured a wide range of electroplate, Britannia Metal, silver and plated cutlery supplied to Thornhill & Co – London, Barraclough & Sons – Leeds, Ollivant & Botsford – Manchester, James Crichton & Co – Edinburgh, Hall & co – Manchester, Fairfax & Roberts – Sydney and many other firms in the United Kingdom and in the Colonies.

Thomas Law (& Co.) ca. 1750-1775
John Law (& Sons) 1775-1824
Joseph Law, John Oxley and Henry Atkin 1824-1829
Atkin, Oxley & Co. 1829-1840
Henry Atkin & Co. 1840-1853
Atkin Brothers 1853-1925
Atkin Brothers Ltd. 1925
purchased Thomas Bradbury & Sons c. 1940
acquired by C.J. Vander of London 1958