Early 18th Century Silver French ecuelle circa 1720

£ 5,500.00

A very early circular equelle and cover with applied decorative handles.



A very early, circular ecuelle and cover with applied decorative handles.  The body is plain in design with the hallmarks struck on the underside of the base.  The lid of the ecuelle is detachable and has a decorative hinged handle.


Weight:  16 troy ounces/497 grams

Width:  10 inches/25.5cm (back of handle to back of opposite handle)

Diameter:  6.2 inches/16cm (bowl)

Condition:  Very good throughout.  Original repair to lid on either side.  Very well done.  These repairs in my professional opinion were done at time of manufacture because of flaking in the metal.  The lid is unmarked but again in my professional opinion is original to the equelle.

Price:  £5500