Mid 19th Century Antique Victorian Silverplated Pair Wine Coasters Circa 1860 Elkington & Co

£ 525.00

A stunning pair of silver plate Victorian cast grape and vine wine coasters.




A stunning pair of silver plated Victorian cast grape and vine wine coasters with elegant inner wooden bases which have grooved circular decoration and a silvered button for decorative lowlights


Height:  2.5 inches/6.3cm

Diameter:  6 inches/15cm

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £525

Elkington & Co. was a silver manufacturer from Birmingham, England.

Elkington Beverage Service. Circa 1870

It was founded by George Richards Elkington and his brother, Henry Elkington, in the 1830s. It operated under the name G. R. Elkington & Co. until 1842, when a third partner, Josiah Mason, joined the firm. It operated as Elkington, Mason, & Co. until 1861, when the partnership with Mason was terminated. The firm operated independently as Elkington & Co. from 1861 until 1963. It was then taken over by British Silverware, Ltd.. In 1971 British Silverware, Ltd. became a subsidiary of Delta Metal Co. Ltd.[1]

Over the course of history it became very successful and was one of the prime producers of silver plating. Elkington received various royal warrants of appointments, and also an Imperial and Royal Warrant of Appointment from the emperor of Austria. One of their most famous pieces is the electrotype copy of the Jerningham Wine Cooler, at the Victoria & Albert Museum.