18th Century Antique George III Sterling Silver Sauce Tureen London 1795 John Scofield

£ 2,250.00

George III sterling silver sauce tureen.




A fine 18th century single sauce tureen shaped oval in design with elegant half fluted panels to the lower body and the upper detachable lid.


Weight:  20.93 troy ounces/651 grams

Height: 7 inches/17.5cm

Length:  10 inches/25.5cm

Width:  4.1 inches/10.5cm

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £2250

Although widely known as Schofield, both clerks entry and signature are recored as Scofield.  No record of apprenticeship or freedom, which with a maker who occupied such a prominent position in the plate working of the late part of the 18th century is tantalising.  First mark entered as plate worker, in partnership with Robert Jones, 10th February 1776: address 40 Bartholomew Close.   Second mark alone 13th January 1778.  In his candlesticks and candelabra Scofield displays a high degree of elegant designs executed with impeccable craftsmanship, which rivals at best the beautiful workmanship of all the highly renowned silversmiths of this period.  In fact if John Scofield decided to work in a much more ornate and elaborate manor the quality would almost certainly rival Paul Storr and Paul de Lamerie.