Early 20th Century Antique George V Sterling Silver Cake Basket Sheffield 1923 Roberts & Belk

£ 850.00

A stylish art deco silver swing handled cake basket.




A stylish early 20th century silver octagonal design swing handled cake basket.  The upper bowl has an elegant ornate hand pierced galleried border for decorative highlights and the foot is raised pedestal.


Weight:  17.8 troy ounces/556 grams

Height:  9 inches/23cm (handle extended)

Diameter:  9 inches/23cm

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £850

The firm was established as Furniss, Poles & Turner. The first hallmark was entered in Sheffield Assay Office as “plate worker, Furnival Street, Sheffield” on December 20, 1810.  From c.1822 to 1945 the firm traded as William Briggs (hallmark entered as Plate Worker, Button Lane on August 14, 1822).  Later William Briggs entered in partnership with Samuel Roberts and Joseph Slater. In 1845 the firm, trading as Roberts & Slater, silver and electroplate manufacturers, entered its hallmark in Sheffield Assay Office (September 1, 1845. Address: Furnival Street).  After the retirement of Joseph Slater (1858) the activity was continued until 1863 under the style Roberts & Briggs (hallmark entered on September 1, 1859).  In 1863, after the retirement of William Briggs, the firm changed to Roberts & Belk (the new partner was Charles Belk). Its first hallmarks were entered in Sheffield Assay Office on February 1, 1864.  In 1879, after the retirement of Samuel Roberts, the activity was continued solely by Charles Belk maintaining the style Roberts & Belk.  Besides the Sheffield factory, the firms were active also in London, with showrooms at 28 Ely Place, Holborn (1858) and later at Gresham House, 24 Holborn Viaduct (1883).

In 1901 the firm became Roberts & Belk Ltd and in 1961 was bought by C.J. Vander Ltd.

Furniss, Poles & Turner, c. 1810 – 1823
William Briggs, c. 1823 – 1845
Roberts & Slater, 1845 – 1858
Roberts & Briggs, 1858 – 1863
Roberts & Belk, 1863 – 1901
Roberts & Belk Ltd, 1901 – the present
bought by C.J. Vander Ltd in 1961