Early 20th Century Modern Sterling Silver Four Piece Teaset Birmingham 1935 Arthur Matthews

£ 2,900.00

Wonderful Birmingham made sterling silver teaset 1935 Arthur Matthews.



Truly stylish sterling silver four piece art nouveau themed teaset designed with elegant circular hammered bodies and engraved upper scrollings  for highlights.


Weight:  57 troy ounces/1778 grams


Coffee pot:  7 inches/18cm

Teapot:  5.9 inches/15cm


Coffee pot:  6 inches/15.2cm

Teapot:  9 inches/23cm


Teapot:  6 inches/15.2cm

Sugar bowl:  4 inches/10cm

Cream jug:  4 inches/10cm

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £2900