20th Century Set Six Modern Sterling Silver Wine Goblets London 1973 Mappin & Webb

£ 1,050.00

A stunning set of six sterling silver wine goblets.




A stylish set of six plain formed wine goblets designed with tapering bowls which have decorative (feature) place hallmarks.


Weight:  33.9 troy ounces/1055 grams

Height:  4.72 inches/12cm

Diameter:  2.75 inches/7cm (bowl)

Condition:  Excellent throughout

Price:  £1050

Joseph Mappin founded in 1810 a trade as engraver in Fargate, Sheffield. This concern passed to one of his sons and finally the engraving business came to an end. Another son of Joseph Mappin (he too called Joseph) carried on the business of the cutler in Sheffield (Norfolk Street). He died in 1841 and till 1846 the firm was managed by his son Frederick Thorpe Mappin who took his brothers in the business and the firm became Joseph Mappin & Co.
In 1846 the business was amalgamated with that of William Samson & Sons changing to Mappin Brothers.
Its partners were the founder’s four sons, Frederick Thorpe Mappin, Edward Mappin, Joseph Charles Mappin and John Newton Mappin. In 1850 John Newton Mappin retired from Mappin Brothers and established a new firm originally trading under the style Mappin & Co, changed in 1863 in Mappin & Webb after an agreement to avoid confusion between the two firms’ names. Mappin Brothers continued to be advertised as the original firm, but in 1902 it was closed after being amalgamated with Mappin & Webb Ltd. In 1963 Mappin & Webb was amalgamated in British Silverware Ltd together with Elkington & Co Ltd and Walker & Hall Ltd. For a line of its silverplate production Mappin & Webb used the trade mark Princes Plate. Mappin and Webb silversmiths, factory in Sheffield was closed in 1971. At the present Mappin & Webb is a subsidiary of Sears Holding Ltd.

Joseph Mappin 1810-c.1841
Joseph Mappin & Co c.1841-1846 (amalgamated with William Sansom & Co in 1846)
Mappin Brothers 1846-1902/1903 (amalgamated with Mappin & Webb Ltd in 1902/1903)
Mappin & Co 1859-1863
Mappin & Webb 1863-1898 (purchased Stephen Smith & Son, 1886)
Mappin & Webb Ltd 1898-1906 (absorbed Mappin Brothers 1902/1903)
Mappin & Webb (1908) Ltd – 1908-1913
Mappin & Webb Ltd 1913-present