Mid 19th Century Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Five Piece Tenier Tea Set London 1861 Joseph Angell & Edward Farrell

£ 55,000.00

An incredibly fine and relative early five piece sterling silver Teniers style tea set exquisitely hand embellished with sumptous joyful merry-making scenes.




A truly fine antique 19th Century Victorian solid silver five piece tea and coffee set, comprising of kettle, coffee pot, teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, each pear-form body is beautiful chased with applied rustic scenes of peasantry merry-making, in the style of the Dutch painter David Teniers.


Weight:  234.7 troy ounces/7300 grams


Kettle:  17 inches/43cm

Coffee pot:  10 inches/25.4cm


Kettle:  13 inches/33cm

Coffee pot:  9 inches/22.85cm

Conditon:  Excellent throughout

Note:  Kettle is made by Edward Farrell London 1848.  Teaset is made by Joseph Angell London 1861.

Price:  £55,000